Science Communication Pre-Conference

Theme: Storytelling and Ethics of Storytelling for Science Communication

Date: March 3rd, 2016

Location: Manship School of Mass Communication, Forum

* This event is free of charge!

Schedule (Estimated 1:15pm start with Introductions – 5:30pm finish)

1:30pm – 2:15pm:

Keynote Speaker (~45min): Steve Myers, Professional-in-residence at Texas Christian University Department of Journalism and special projects editor at The Lens

2:30pm – 3:45pm:

Panel 1 (1 hour and 15min; 15 min individual talks followed by panel discussion):

Paige Jarreau – Communicating science in social media environments accurately, responsibly and ethically. Ethics of storytelling in social media.

Zeynep Altinay – Ethics of visuals for science communication. Using visuals responsibly. Ethics of using dramatic images in stories on environmental issues, ethics of visual persuasion, how to use infographics without oversimplification, etc.

Denise DeLorme – Title of talk: Transdisciplinary Research Considerations in the Coastal Environment. Notes: Characteristics of the transdisciplinary research process with attention to trust and potential ethical considerations associated with stakeholder engagement and communication. Incorporating coastal project examples and experiences. How to responsibly engage audiences in science/environmental issues. How to move beyond one-way communication.

4pm – 5:15pm:

Panel 2 (1 hour 15min; 15 min individual talks followed by panel discussion):

Rhett Allain – Storytelling and the use of popular culture to engage new media audiences (and students) in science.

Amy Wold – Practical experiences in storytelling at The Advocate