MEL Notes: Social Roles and Stereotyping

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The week of February 15 we spent the class period discussing social groups, stereotyping and the role media play in creating, distributing and perpetuating individuals’ perceptions of others. In many instances, media become the only venue through which we may come to interact with and learn about individuals who are dissimilar from ourselves. So, understanding how the media actually depict certain groups of people (especially marginalized groups), becomes important as these representations can have effects on media consumers and how we navigate the world. We discussed a number of areas, such as cognitive processing and stereotypes, intersectionality (the idea that one person can have more than one social identity that is important), positive stereotypes (even positive characteristics applied in a stereotypical manner can have detrimental effects), different forms of prejudice, and the power of media to actually dispel stereotypes and myths about groups of individuals.

This next series of blog posts covers a lot of the above, primarily focus on the role stereotypical content may play in the support of policy issues, and also what happens when derogating racial humor/satire is viewed in ethnically heterogeneous as opposed to homogeneous audiences.  To read this week’s posts, please click here.  Or you can click on each post, below.

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