MEL x PR Research

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LSU Manship School of Mass Communication offered brand new undergraduate Public Research Methods course (MC3020) last semester for the last time. This course emphasizes the importance of applied research in the PR industry.  Through this course, students would learn several applied PR research techniques, including secondary research, focus group, survey research, experimental design, and organic data analysis. Also, partnered with the Media Effect Lab, students in this course are able to get their hands dirty through actually conducting their own research projects in a timely manner. Basic research and analysis tool, such as SPSS, Qualtrics and Google Analytics, are also applied in this course.

Listed below are some sample abstracts of the students’ group projects (Click on the group pictures to access to each project separately). For complete final project reports, please email or



University Recreation & Student Health Center: The Students Speak
This research project is on how well the media being used by the University Recreation Center and Student Health Center is targeting the LSU students and ways to improve its media effects. The findings will help the facilities know how to get more people in the door.



The Knowledge of Human Trafficking in Baton Rouge
This research was conducted to 1) determine what individuals know about human trafficking and the laws in place; 2) inform people in the Baton Rouge area of local human trafficking; 3) determine the facts or information that will provoke high levels of inspiration or support against human trafficking.



College Athletics: Pay, Crime, & Perceived Advantages
This project taps into 1) how student athletes, students and the general public feel about college athletes being paid; 2) the public opinion of if athlete’s conduct off the field should affect how they are handled on the field; 3) whether individuals perceive/believe student athletes are treated differently from other students in the academic setting.


mc3020_WeCycleWeCycle: A Greener Outlook
This project’s initial interest focused on sustainability, aiming at 1) understanding the awareness of the LSU community, specifically to gain insight on their knowledge of the services LSU recycling provides; 2) to gain awareness of the LSU community’s willingness to participate in further recycling efforts; 3) to gain an  perspective on ways to improve the LSU recycling system.

mc3020_NewWaveGeneral Opinions From Women About Contraceptive Use
The purpose of this research was to gain an overall opinion of contraception use among college-aged women.  This research utilized a mass survey among female college-aged students who use contraceptives, executed focus groups, reviewed other existing studies in order to gain a general view of past research on this specific topic, and analyzed their own survey.