Contributing Participants to Research Participation Pool

Each semester, the MEL recruits Manship and Political Science students to participate in the research participantion pool. This pool provides faculty and students with a valuable resource that otherwise may be difficult to obtain.

Instructors of record can contribute to the pool by completing this form and providing their course rosters to the MEL director. Accounts for both students and the instructor will be created in the online sign-up system: Students are assigned to the appropriate course(s).  Information should not be provided before the final date to add courses, each semester.

A few other items to note:

  • Studies are worth various amounts. Typically, less than 30 minutes of participation time will result in .5 points while 30 minutes to one hour of time will result in one full point. Occasionally, some studies require more than an hour, questionnaires in addition main questionnaires/lab time, or attendance at multiple sessions. These studies are sometimes given more value, but are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Instructors translate the points into course credit in a manner they deem most appropriate for their courses. For example, one instructor may designate one point of MEL credit as one percentage point added to a student’s final grade, while another may designate a point as five points added to an exam grade.
  • Instructors can track overall student participation by logging in to their instructor account at: Instructors can download Excel/.csv versions of the student roster.
  • We recognize that some students are not yet 18 years of age (a requirement for participation in research). These students should be encouraged to sign up for the “Alternate Assignment Study.” While this is not an actual study, it is a way for these students (and others with time constraints) to complete other assignments for MEL credit.
  • Students have until the final day of classes to complete their participation. All studies will close after this date; no studies will take place during final exams. In addition, students will have until the final day of final exams to reassign any earned points to different courses. After this time period, this feature will be turned off in the system. This policy is to prevent students from assigning the same earned point to two different courses (i.e. double-dipping).
  • Some instructors like to include MEL Research Participation Pool information in the course syllabus. Below is an example for a research methods course.

Because this course pertains to learning how to conduct and understand research originating in the field and academia, you will have the opportunity to receive course credit by participating in ongoing research in the Manship School, or by completing an alternate assignment in lieu of a research participation opportunity ( These studies must be ongoing studies in the Manship School and may not be one conducted for this class by a classmate or one conducted by students in other sections of this course.  Please note that to earn this credit, you must either earn three MEL points or complete alternate assignments associated with studies by the due dates given—late participation or assignments will not be available.  Students may earn one additional point of MEL credit, to be treated as extra course credit.

  •  The student FAQ can be found at under the Resources tab, so if you want to include that link in your syllabus statement, doing so may cut down on the number of questions you receive from students.
  • For questions regarding specific studies or points, please instruct students to contact the researcher in charge of the study. For questions regarding the online sign-up system or major issues with a specific study, please instruct students to contact either the MEL director or the MEL graduate assistant.