Faculty & Graduate Students

Requesting Participants from the Research Participation Pool


To request participants from the Research Participation pool: 

Fill out this form.  We will provide more specific follow-up instructions at that time.

A few notes about using the MEL Research Participation Pool: 

  • Please make sure that there is some way for participants to provide their five-digit MEL number. This can be requested as an item on your questionnaire, or it can be in the form of a sign-in sheet if the study takes place in a lab or classroom.
  • There are students who are less than 18 years of age. Being that our research provides all students opportunities for course credit, you should also make sure that minor students have equal opportunities to earn this credit by completion of an alternate assignment. This assignment should be something that is comparable to what a student participant in your study will complete (i.e. response paper to an article). Instructions for this assignment should be included in your study description.
  • A MEL researcher account will be created for you (if you do not already have one). You will use this account to provide students with the credit they earned. Use the MEL identification information the student provided via either the questionnaire or the sign-in sheet to determine which students to award credit to. Those students who did not attend a study session or who failed to complete an online study by the designated deadline should be marked as “No Show-Penalty.”
  • Please provide points within 48 hours of study/session completion.
  • Upon acceptance of the completed manuscript to conference and publication, please submit an abstract to the lab director. This abstract, and any other link to information, will be posted on the MEL website.