The Anatomy of Inspiring Media

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Instructions for Signing Up for the Anatomy of Inspiring Media


First, please log into the MEL System to determine if you have already participated in Parts 1 and 2 of “The Anatomy of Inspiring Media.”  There are multiple studies being conducted on inspiring media, so please be sure you are looking for the right study.

If you participated in Part 1 (the online survey) AND Part 2 (lab session) in fall 2016, you are not eligible to participate again.

If you participated in Part 1 only, you are still eligible to participate in Part 2. Simply attend the 30-minute lab session you signed up for during class.

If you did not complete either part of the study in fall 2016, please complete Part 1 by clicking on this link. Once Part 1 is completed, please attend the 30-minute lab session you signed up for during class. You MUST complete the online survey prior to attending the lab session. 

All lab sessions take place in the Media Effects Lab.

You MUST complete Parts 1 and 2 in order to receive course credit.  Partial credit will not be awarded.

You will need your 5-digit MEL ID, if you already have one. If you do not have a MEL ID,  when asked for one provide a 5-digit ID number of your choice.  Please remember this number as you will be asked to provide it for both Parts 1 and 2.

Questions can be directed to Dr. Meghan Sanders (